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About Us:

Kids R Fun provide high-quality childcare that fosters the growth and development of the total child; socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually with very affordable prices. Kids R Fun is committed to meet the unique needs of each child within the whole group in a manner that is age appropriate. Variety of activities and types of equipment are used to encourage and enhance learning. Programs are tailored to meet the needs of each child by offering experiences and opportunities that promote interests, individuality and group shared experiences while fostering co-operation, a sense of responsibility, respect for others and independence.

Our Programs:

Infant Programs (12- 19 months):

This is a very vital age where children need considerable attention and care. They need a caring and loving environment that enables them to grow strong both physically and mentally.

In order to provide children with this environment our main focus is:

1- Nurture the children in a healthy, loving and caring environment that will foster balanced growth.

2- Provide children with age-appropriate toys that will develop their intellectual and emotional skills.

3- Allow more play and activity time (physical activity) to help them grow strong.

4- Allow more outdoor activity which will help children to get more interaction with the public and society which will provide a sound basis to develop social and physical skills.

Our purpose is to nurture the child’s essential needs, in a healthy and loving environment. Our infants are supervised within a thorough regimen of body care, feeding, resting and sleeping. The development of their social skills is learned through an assortment of playful learning experiences. The children can explore creativity and imagination through play both indoors and outdoors. Infants have a separate outdoor playground with age-appropriate toys.

Toddler Program (12- 35 Months):

Toddlers learn with their whole body. They learn more through their hands by touching, their mouth by tasting and trying new things by themselves rather than being told. At this age children are very energetic and spend most of their waking moments exploring their environment.

They investigate objects with all their senses and learn by doing because it leads to thinking. Our focus is to:

1- Help children to develop skills by watching them, directing them and providing the necessary tools that will help them to discover and develop their skills and talents.

2- Help children to be more independent.

3- Help children to be more social by allowing more outdoor activity, get more involved with the community by going on trips & community walks.

4- Help children to build their bodies by allowing more play and physical activity.

5- Nurture the children’s essential needs in a healthy, loving and caring environment that will help them to build a healthy and strong body.

Our program is perfect for active toddlers. We offer age-appropriate activities to let curious toddlers explore while building skills and coordination. The purpose of this program is to help children have a healthy and smooth transition from home to childcare settings. In the toddler room, the children are given the opportunity to explore and learn in a safe and stimulating environment. The furniture is age appropriate, which allows the children to carry out varies task independently, such as art & craft and eating. Each child has his / her own sleeping mat as a daily nap/rest time is required. The teachers provide guidance and assist children in the development of proper eating, dressing and toileting skills. Weekly activities are planned to meet the interests of each child and to encourage exploration, learning, and independence. As communication becomes more important, children are stimulated to develop language skills through songs, stories, and games. This helps to expand their vocabulary and expressive language. Group Circle time is always interactive to encourage each individual child’s participation. Sensory explorations through sand and water play are provided in the daily programs. Age appropriate, educational toys for toddlers are intended to initiate various concepts such as colors, shapes, numbers, and size. Both outdoor and indoor activities are provided with age-appropriate toys and equipment.

Preschool Program (3 years-6 years):

Children at this age need more attention in a caring and loving environment that help their smooth transition from one phase to another (from toddlers to pre-school) and to help build their personality, more independence and more discipline in a healthy and caring way.

Our focus is to:

1- Give children independence to be responsible for their actions.

2- Support children to develop their own discipline by watching their actions and correcting them in a calm and clear manner.

3- Nurture the children’s essential needs in a healthy, loving and caring environment that will help them to build a healthy strong body.

4- Provide children with age-appropriate toys and plan suitable activities for their age, which will help them to build their personality and independence.

Care within the preschool room will offer a free choice of play and planned activities. Our Learning centers will be available to the preschoolers at any time of the day. They will have the choice to practice different skills through play such as:

  • Explore, predict and problem-solving in the science/sensory center.
  • Using different art techniques such as cutting, painting, drawing and gluing in the creative art center.
  • Learning spatial relationships (on, under, near, far, up, down etc.) that consolidate knowledge of shapes, colors and size.
  • Play/act out scenes of adult life such as a doctor, family, and grocery store in the dramatic center. Planned activities are posted weekly and have different topics that are culturally and academically motivating.

The children learn different concepts such as numbers, letters, shapes, colors, sequencing, and patterning. They are encouraged to recognize, name and trace numbers and letters. Group Circle time is interactive to develop the children’s expressive language through songs, stories, and games

Additional Details

  • Length of Care:Full Time Care, Part Time Care
  • Registration Fees:$50 non refundable per child. We also ask for a $500 security depost which is refundable at the end of care.
  • Transportation: No
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