We Offer Only The Best Approved Dayhomes in Edmonton

Let CareFind help you find the approved dayhome in Edmonton that you’ve been looking for. CareFind is the preferred tool in Edmonton to find all kinds of quality care. If you’re searching ‘dayhomes near me,’ you’ve come to the right place. There are many dayhomes Edmonton has to offer, and we have the listings to help you seek out the one that’s the correct fit. Our directory categorizes dayhomes so that you can easily find the ones that meet your search parameters. We list dayhomes in North Edmonton, South Edmonton, West Edmonton, and East Edmonton, so you can find one that’s appropriate for your location no matter where you live and work. Search on CareFind to find the Edmonton dayhome you need.

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Trustworthy & Reliable Resource

Making a commitment to a dayhome takes trust. You need to be sure your family is getting the best care possible. CareFind has developed a resource to make it easier and more manageable to find the right one. Your family will be safe with the registered dayhomes Edmonton offers.

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Built for Parents

CareFind is built for families. Our family members are the most sacred people in the world. With that in mind, we’ve created a search tool that prioritizes family safety.

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Streamlined & Easy Process

Choosing a dayhome is a challenging process, so CareFind is here to make one part of that search as easy as possible.

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Only the Best Child Care Centres

We only work with registered Edmonton dayhomes. Finding a dayhome through our search means that they are regulated and approved.

What To Look for in an Edmonton Dayhome

We all know that the first priority for a dayhome is safety and security. Beyond that, it’s important to have conversations with your family members to decide what is most important to you – location, activities, level of assistance – it all depends on your individual needs. Our search process is designed to help you sort and categorize dayhomes based on your needs. After narrowing down your choices, you can contact dayhomes to further evaluate whether they meet your needs. Through these conversations, you’ll get a sense of which dayhomes are the best fit for your family members and our platform makes it easier than ever to do it efficiently and thoroughly.

How CareFind Makes Dayhome Searching Easy

Trying to find a great dayhome can be a confusing process without proper tools and assistance. That’s where CareFind comes in. All of the options are centralized in one place, so you can easily compare and contrast without having to navigate back and forth between tons of open pages and tabs.

CareFind is simple and trustworthy. You don’t need to look any further to find the proper search avenue for your dayhome in Edmonton. We’ve simplified the process further by facilitating the initial contact process so you can message dayhomes directly through our portal. You don’t need to write down phone numbers or clog up your email account. Instead, save your search and come back to your messages all in one place. Our portal is trusted throughout Edmonton.

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Q: Why do I have to create an account?

A: Creating an account allows you to customize and save your searches. You’ll also be able to contact dayhomes through your account. To create an account, you’ll need your full name, a valid email address, a username, and a password.


Q: How much does your service cost?

A: Using CareFind is free once you create an account! We pride ourselves in offering accessible information to everyone who needs it, so we don’t charge you anything in the process.


Q: What is your screening process for Edmonton dayhomes?

A: We only work with approved Edmonton dayhomes so you can trust a level of safety and quality in the options you will see from us.


Q: How do I choose a dayhomes What questions do I ask?

A: You should contact the dayhomes that meet your family’s needs and then develop questions based on their listings. To understand what those needs are, it is important to have in-depth conversations as a family to identify what you are looking for.


Q: How do I get in contact with an Edmonton dayhome?

A: Through our portal, you can call, email, and message Edmonton dayhomes.


Q: How do I get in contact with a CareFind representative?

A: You can reach us at (587) 577-5086 or email us at [email protected]