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““CareFind knows how stressful it is when you need to get back to work and your child is still anxious when you leave him or her alone. Dayhomes are a very practical option. Our website offers a complete analysis of the pros and cons of Dayhomes. If you need a home away from home for your little one, whether you live or work near Marlborough Mall, Coventry Hills or Coral Springs Lake, check CareFind. Our database lists only the best Dayhomes in NE Calgary.

The process is simple. Sign on for free! Enter your postal code. Choose the most suitable dayhomes near you. Visit them virtually before adding them to your personal dashboard. Once you have a shortlist, check them out in person.

“Trust Carefind, to present only high quality, licensed, experienced dayhomes in NE Calgary.

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Why Choose CareFind

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Trustworthy & Reliable Resource

CareFind Dayhomes are government regulated, licensed, quality, child care providers. We also link you to the latest research and expert thinking in child care development.

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Built for Parents

As parents, we empathize with your concerns and needs: long-term, short-term or ad-hoc, CareFind supports your childcare needs in NE Calgary.

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Streamlined & Easy Process

Registering on CareFind is free. Enter your postal code to access the best dayhomes and child care centres in NE Calgary.

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Only the Best Child Care Centres

CareFind has already scrutinized and zeroed-in on the best government regulated dayhomes in NE Calgary. Narrow down your preferences in terms of transportation, drop-ins, extended and special needs care, engaging programs and more.

What To Look for in a NE Calgary Dayhome or Daycare

Our CareFind checklist of must-haves is thorough and sensitive to your needs. We absolutely understand your worries when making this emotional decision. That’s why we have made sure that our database lists only pre-approved, government regulated dayhomes in NE Calgary and throughout the city.

CareFind also knows that you’d like to make your decision yourself. So, we have a few pointers to consider:

  1. Ask/read/view online all the childcare programs and services offered, e.g., transportation.
  2. Look for qualified/ certified support for speech and/or occupational health therapy.
  3. Enquire about out-of-school care.
  4. Do they offer preschool support?
  5. Fees vary considerably, be sure it meets your budget.
  6. Check the proximity of each centre to your home or your child’s school.

How CareFind Makes Child Care Searching Easy

CareFind shows you how easy it is to identify dayhomes and childcare centres in NE Calgary.

Simply enter your postal code and best dayhomes and childcare centres in your neighborhood will pop up on the screen.

Create a shortlist for your dashboard. Check them out at leisure virtually then visit them and check them out for real.

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