We Offer Only The Best Preschools In East Edmonton

“City of champions!” Did your little one really say that? If so, they could well be ready for preschool. But how do you find the right one in East Edmonton? Like a champion of course… with CareFind.

CareFind cuts search time drastically. Enter your postal code and our smart system rapidly filters through the selection and connects you to a licensed preschool near your home.

If you’re still worrying about how to select a preschool, CareFind covers that too. Our Child Care 101 guides you through your options and helps you assess your child’s needs. CareFind experts also offer a primer on the different types of preschools. Soon you’ll have a few solid options, no matter where you live, Beacon Heights, Belmont, Ebbers, Miller, or Horse Hill. It will be the perfect preschool for your budding champion.

Here's what you do: Sign up to our CareFind database for free, enter your postal code – anything from T5W 0R5 to T5W 0C2 and discover several excellent matches. Visit their websites, and check out images, testimonials, and videos. Save them to your personal dashboard before deciding which to visit in person.

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Why Choose CareFind

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Trustworthy & Reliable Resource

CareFind lists the best government-regulated, licenced preschools and after-school childcare services in East Edmonton. You get insights into the types of preschools available, tips, and even simple things like lunch suggestions.

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Built for Parents

As parents, we at CareFind understand your concerns. So, we identified the very best preschools in East Edmonton. All our listings include access to their websites. Visit them. Check details, testimonials and take virtual tours before creating your personal list on your dashboard.

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Streamlined & Easy Process

Registering on CareFind is free and easy. Plug in your postal code, T5A 0A7 to T5X or T6B and you’ll find the right preschool in your neighbourhood.

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Only the best Child Care Centres & Preschools

CareFind’s list of criteria is perhaps as stringent as yours. We make sure only the best government-regulated, licensed, quality childcare services and preschools are on our lists.

What To Look for in a Preschool in East Edmonton

CareFind developed a checklist to help with selection because we empathize with your anxieties. Our carefully vetted list only includes pre-approved, licensed, government-regulated providers.

Here’s a quick 5-point checklist:

  1. Ask/read/view online each preschool’s programs and services, for example, transport.
  2. Do they offer after-school care?
  3. Check whether they have qualified resources e.g., speech and/or occupational health therapy.
  4. Are their fees affordable?
  5. Are they close to your home or workplace?

How CareFind Makes Child Care Searching Easy

With CareFind you can make a pre-assessment at your convenience on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Save your shortlist to a personal dashboard.

Contact only those pre-schools that meet your needs.

In East Edmonton, CareFind will help you become the wind beneath your children’s wings! With our preschool and childcare services… your child will soar.