Welcome to Kids U West 85th

Enrolling 12 months – 6 years

Out of School Care Available July & August Only


Kids U inspires open collaboration to create a student-centered, inquiry based learning environment that cultivates enthusiastic and globally-minded individuals. To provide quality child care, preschool, and kindergarten programs that build strong brains necessary for lifelong success.


Large Outdoor Playground

To increase children’s imagination and sense of wonder, at West 85 we provide a large outdoor play area that will cater to their positive interaction with nature. In this play space, you will find natural materials that will offer children a different sensory experience. Not only will this expand on a child’s relationship with nature but the large space will allow them to build independence as they begin to experiment with safe playing distances away from caretakers.

Separate Rooms for Distinct Curriculums

At West 85, there are two distinct classrooms. Our Right Brain room is a Reggio philosophy inspired room which allows children to build and expand on their creativity and imagination. In this room, you will find lots of natural and beautiful materials for children to play with. Our Left Brain room is a Montessori philosophy inspired room. In this room, children will learn grace and courtesy and practical life skills.

Movement Area

Kids U models healthy living and that includes getting daily physical activity. For rainy or cold days, children will be spending some time in the Movement room to stay active. In this room, the class will be guided by a Movement teacher to run our Movement Program. The movement teacher will engage the children in purposeful play to help build on a child’s physically ability, such as gross motor skills, kicking, aiming, balancing, throwing etc.

Our Brain Immersion Curriculum:

Kids U offers a customized individual curriculum that is continuously being re-assessed. The proprietary executive function assessment we implement allows us to design a curriculum to maximize the learning capacity of an individual child’s left brain, right brain and movement.

Left Brain

Our left brain classrooms are based on Maria Montessori’s method of teaching, where children are given the independence and freedom to learn at their own pace. The environment is work-based and acts as the third teacher. This allows our students to absorb concepts and develop concentration and skills through the practical life activities and prepared materials that surround them.

Right Brain

Our right brain environment is inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy of education, where creativity, imagination, social skills and children’s interests determine the curriculum. The learning is child-directed, with teachers and families as collaborators. We design the care, play and learning environments to communicate what we believe about children — that they are mighty learners; creative, resourceful and capable.


Our specialized movement curriculum gets children on track to a healthy and active lifestyle. Through group games, sports, basic movement skills, nutritional guidance and plenty of outdoor exercise, our gym classes promote both a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Nutrition Matters at Kids U

Building brains is about so much more than just education. At Kids U we know that nutrition is an important factor in a child’s development. Which is why we continuously strive to provide healthy, balanced, and nutritious meals for our children.

*Menus vary depending on centre. Centres attached to AgeCare buildings are provided with menus and meals from the AgeCare kitchen.

Family Rates and Discounts:

*Minimum 6 months for Bridgeland families

Although we realize the cost to send multiple children is high we do not provide a family discount on application, material, or monthly fees. The fees are set to maintain the quality and integrity of the program. However, to assist families with multiple children we provide priority application for siblings. At Kids U’s, if you pay for the whole year tuition, minimum 10 months, you get 10% off.

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